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EndoRush app - Its Easy. It's Accurate. It's Smart Rehab.

EndoRush app is a platform created for Physiotherapists and their Clients by Physiotherapists to build a Physiotherapy Client relationship outside the clinical practice. EndoRush app allows Physiotherapists to prescribe Home Exercise Programs to meet; monitor and track their clients progress.

EndoRush app allows normal users (Clients) receive customised workouts from their physiotherapists. It provides users a compelling Exercise Doing Experience with clear visual and auditory cues.

Log in as a Physiotherapist; if you are a qualified Physiotherapist. Log in as a Client, if you want to receive Home Exercise Prescription from your Physiotherapist.

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How to Use EndoRush Physio App

How to Use EndoRush Client App

Body Parts

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Exercise Type

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Correct Form

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Wrong Form

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Real-time Workouts

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Exercise Filters

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Client App
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Client App

Physio App
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Physio App

  • Pricing

PLANS Number Of Months Number Of Months Number Of Months
Cost for Unlimited Client Connections 350 INR / Month 1000 INR / 3 Month 3500 INR / 12 Months
Physiotherapists can connect to Unlimited number of Clients; Receive unlimited training for themselves and their staff on Exercise Prescription; How to use EndoRush App; How to create and save unlimited custom workouts for Home Exercise Prescription on cloud.
Physiotherapists can also send unlimited HEP to their clients and track their progress and communicate with them.

*Endorush provides Free access to all future updates for FIRST 10000 Downloads.
You can receive unlimited custom workouts from your Physiotherapist. The Workouts will expire after the given date by your Physiotherapist.

Contact your Physiotherapist for new workouts and Follow-up
*Endorush provides Free access to all future updates.
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Endorush was created by Isogenii, a dedicated team that strives to ensure the best quality of life by offering creative and proactive solutions to meet the client's goals through specialized services facilitated by advanced technologies.
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