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Service & Cancellation Policy

Service Policy

We strive to serve our clients and it is unlikely that we will not be able to provide our services with-in the stipulated time. Be assured that you will get a full refund of the amount charged in case we fail to provide the services from our end in the assured time.

As mentioned above, we strive to provide all the services within 2 days of confirmation. However, In the unlikely event that we wont be able to provide the service or complete the query process within 7 working days after confirmation from client’s end, we shall send you an email informing you about the same. In such cases, your payment against the service order shall be refunded, in the manner you have made the payment.

We provide services on all days (Monday to Sunday), excluding public holidays.

Please note all services will be billed with an invoice mentioning the price, as per Indian Tax Regulations

Cancellation and Policy

We have a no-questions-asked cancellation policy. You can cancel the service you requested at any time before the physiotherapist comes for the assessment.